- The difference between this film and other movies in this genre is
"Clarence Wethern and Bethany Ford play challenging characters, but both rise to the occasion. This is a very good film that I truly enjoyed" - Film Threat
"An altogether entertaining film based on grim realities of loneliness, despair, and alienation ... it has lofty aspirations that succeed way beyond expectation. This is a film that deserves the widest viewing." - NY Film Critics Online
- The cast is well-directed and performs incredibly together, leads
that this one is better written, better acted, and far more believable. A terrific, romantic film." - Rogue Cinemadd text.
Wethern and Ford most of all." - Minneapolis Examiner
"Ash has combined several genres -- rom-com, sci-fi, dystopian future, mystery, character study -- into a single bracing movie. However, in each genre he tackles, Ash finds the one thing that makes it matter -- the humanity at the heart of it all. I love this film so much and want to see it reach as wide an audience as possible. This is one special movie." - TrustMovies.com